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Directed By:
Matt Cantu
Lance Kawas

Rated R
Genre: Slasher Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content
Also Known As:
The Retreat (Original Title)


Story of a Professor taking his class out to a remote retreat in order to do some research on the nature of fear. But a hooded killer wants to teach them something more important, how to die.

So one by one the Hooded Killer strikes and takes out the students. Minor problem, they called the killer THE FIGURE on the IMDB when it should have been THE HOOD. Like the tagline when the HOOD appear, people disappear. But I would have overlooked that, even gave it a good review, until...

Everyone was just fine, they woke up and it was a group hypnosis. A image placed in their mind, one by one when they died in the hypnotic dream world, they woke up in the real world. Which was a cool twist, until they decided to leave it open by them going to the real cabin and a real hooded killer shows up to start this dance all over again.

There was no need to leave it open, there was no sequel, there was no need for a sequel and there never will be a sequel, so there was no point leaving it open. That's what ruined a pretty decent slasher movie. That's why we reluctantly and with great disappointment give SILENT SCREAM the CRAP-O-LANTERN.