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Movies Coming Here

Directed By:
Luis de la Madrid

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Blockbuster DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, attempted Abortion.
Also Known As:
Monja, La (Spanish title)


First of all I'd like to say movies like this and THE CONVENT must have been written by people hit by Sister Sabrina's ruler once too often.

That said the story of a group of women who reunite decades after a tragedy because Sister Ursula's twisted spirit has killed one of them. Years before Sister Ursula was a sadistic tyrant who gain pleasure in punishing the girls in a all girl school. But when she tried to induce an abortion on one of girls to "wash the sin away". They stand up to the tyrant and kill her.

Now she's after them and the child that was born of "sin". Okay, let's start with the obvious, they never said if these girls had parents, if they did why didn't tell tell their parents about the "Twisted Sister" and get her excommunicated or something.

Second, I talked to a Priest on the matter and no member of the Church would try to induce an abortion, and if the writers bothered to watch the news they would know the Church's position on abortion. So, no way, never happen.

Third, I say this about a lot of movies, why? Why take so long for revenge?

Lastly, the climax, typical moronic horror crud, it has to have a bad ending. I don't remember it word for word. But something about having to shoot her while underwater but she exchanges places with the "child of sin" at the last place and wins.

Overall, this is a complete pile of crap and should never have been made. You can't call me the most religious person in the world but even I find this crap shack offensive and I don't offend easily. It's wrong, it's offensive and it should be burned at the stake with it's creators. THE CRAP-O-LANTERN from both of us.